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Personal Work


The galleries on this page contain a selection of my fine art photography, which includes architecture among other things. These photos often emphasize structure, space and form as a way into the subject. It's easy enough to show what something looks like, but I want to go past that to show what it means.


This is not fundamentally different from my approach to architectural photography, which is why I have never really liked the term “personal work.” That implies that one's client-oriented work is somehow compromised, while one's other work is more "authentic" (whatever that means). But this is a false dichotomy, because any good photographer brings his vision, perception and skill fully to bear on everything he does. In my experience, it’s all personal, whether I am collaborating with a client or doing something on my own. Still, "personal work" is a familiar term, so I will bow to convention until I come up with a better one.


In any case, I hope you will find something interesting here.





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Architectural Photographer

Charlotte, NC


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